Best Microfiber Cloth For Cleaning Vinyl Records

Best Microfiber Cloth For Cleaning Vinyl Records

Choose items to buy together. This item:Record Cleaning Anti-Static Cloth – 5 Pack Microfiber Towel by Record-Happy Lint Free Vinyl Cleaner for your LP Collection. $12.70. Lasermedia VNC-8 Professional Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid 8 Oz Spray Bottle by TME. Mobile Fidelity Record Inner Sleeves (50Pk) Total price:$51.68.
Are Microfiber Cloths Safe for Our Records?. Small microfiber cleaning cloths are commonly sold for cleaning computer screens and eyeglasses." But are they. Apart from that, the trouble is IN the groove and not on top of it.
I tried wiping the carbon fiber brush with micro fiber cloth and it did. pile and will not reach into the business area of vinyl/LP grooves.. . Since getting some spray-on record cleaner and these microfiber. . Back to topHelp. ✖.


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