Blow Drying Curls

Blow Drying Curls

Tie all but one section up in a small bun. Begin blow drying your hair. On high heat, slowly move the blow dryer down to dry the hair while brushing the hair with a round brush. Curl the ends of your hair all the way around the brush.
Discover how to crete curls using a round brush and your blow dryer, that last.
Set your dryer to low or medium heat and medium speed. Place the diffuser right at the roots, starting at the nape of your neck. Gently hold ends away from the dryer, letting them dry naturally (blowdrying curly ends, which tend to be dehydrated, makes them frizzy). Move the diffuser around until all roots are dry.
Get curls that look bouncy and smooth with our guide to blowdrying curly hair.


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