Cabela’s Cg-15 Vacuum Sealer Bags

Weston Pro 2100

You are Here: Cabela's CG15 Vacuum Sealer. Print This. sealing bar window ensures you will have no difficulty placing the bags inside the vacuum channel.
Available: 6" x 10" (pint) 8" x 12" (quart) 11" x 16" (gallon) 15" x 18" (2 gallon) 60-Count Bag Assortment (20 pint bags, 20 quart bags and 20 gallon bags)
The heating pad don't work, on my sealer,, it goes through all the steps but don't seal the bags. Woundering what I can do or check. Thanks. Dan Smith Feb 12, .
Repair Kits for Weston Pro-2100/2300 Vacuum Sealers or Cabella's CG15,Rubbers Seals gaskets for Weston Pro-2300. Pro-2100/2300 or Cabela's CG15 vacuum sealers. Over wire element. PTFE Cover for bag sealer heat element .
Weston 6-by-10-Inch VacuumSealer Food Bags, 100 Count (30-0106-W). Two COMPLETE Repair kits for Weston or Cabela's CG15 Vacuum sealers.
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