Dry Brushing Body Shop


Dry Brushing Body Shop

This long-handled brush has soft bristles to gently massage and exfoliate skin. Stimulates skin microcirculation; Ideal for dry skin that needs regular exfoliation

Gently massage and exfoliate your skin with our Round Body Brush. Skin will be left softer and smoother to the touch. Helps to stimulate skin microcirculation.

This extra-long brush can be used for dry skin brushing in the bath or shower or wet with shower gel or soap. Exfoliates; Helps stimulate skin microcirculation

Target those hard to reach areas with the help of our Cactus Long Handle Brush. Wonderful for dry skin brushing, or for use in the shower with your favorite

I also love how satisfying it is to scratch my skin with the brush (sorry, Mum!). I use the Round Bath Brush from The Body Shop and the bristles

What brush do you use for dry brushing? Aromatherapy Associates’s dry-brushing body brush is made from soft cactus sisal bristles for a natural scrub that’s easier on the skin.

Can you dry brush in the shower?

Dry brush daily or twice a day, prior to showering, when you are dry and your skin is free of oils or creams. Performing dry skin brushing before your shower or bath will help to stimulate your skin and wash away the flaked skin. Then do wet skin brushing while in your shower or bath

Do you have to shower after dry brushing?

Dry brushing should be done daily, preferably two times per day, but even just once will be very beneficial. Many say to do it before you get in the shower and/or before you go to bed. It is best to do it before your shower, this way your skin is dry and it’s before you apply any products or lotions to your skin.

Best if you want to: Massage and gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation using a rounded wooden brush with soft.

The Body Shop Cactus Brush is a long-handled wooden brush with soft cactus bristles to massage and exfoliates the skin, remove dead skin cells and stimulate

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