Dyson Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount Instructions


Dyson Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount Instructions

How to install Dyson Wall Mount Docking Station

1. Unpack all items
2. Insert power cable in slot and secure in place
3. Secure charging head in the groove

You will need: For plaster walls attachment

  • Measuring tape
  • Screw Driver (Philips Head)
  • Wallmate twist and lock (x2)

Quick and easy installation easy penetration of plasterboard flush fixing nonconductive (safe near electrical cable) easily fix with a screwdriver

4. Measure 1.2m from ground and center to final placement
5. Screw self-drilling anchor in walls (hold up to 20kg)
6. Place 2’nd anchor 127mm apart (further up)
7. Screw in place no 1
8. Click attachments in place
9. Click Dyson handstick unit in place

Make sure there is a power source nearby. Neatly hold the unit and recharge at the same time. DONE!

What is the recommended height to install the wall mount bracket to use with the stick attached

The instructions say to use 43.5 inches from the floor to the bottom bracket on the wall mount. Doing this still leaves a good 6-8 inches of space from the bottom of the vacuum to the floor.

In the Dyson V8, mounting instructions should be included with the machine. However, we recommend placing the docking 47 1/4” from the lower fixing to the floor.

Can I charge the Dyson V8 without the wall mount?

Yes. The plug clips into the wall bracket and if you remove it you can use the charger just like any other. Alternatively, just rest the V8 in the wall mounting bracket on the floor. I had no wall space either. I screwed my V8 to the back of the airing cupboard door.

Must I use the wall mount to charge the Dyson V8?

Recommended: Always charge any item that comes with its own charger that way you can not damage it by trying to charge it another way. There are always other ways to change things up but its best to use what it comes with (more so for safety reasons)


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