Dyson Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount Instructions


Dyson Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount Instructions

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount Instructions

The cordless vacuum has become one of the popular home appliances many people buy these days. It offers so many benefits. You don’t need to worry about the tangled cord. So, you can freely move it around. Plus, it also saves your electric energy usage, which means you also, can cut down your electrical bills.

Among many cordless vacuum cleaners, Dyson cordless vacuum may be one of the favorite choices of many people. It has a good design, satisfying performance, and affordable prices. However, people also face some problems when they want to store it. It is not that big, but it is better to keep it at the place where you can get it without a problem. Therefore, we have come with the dyson cordless vacuum wall mount instructions.

What is Dyson Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount?

It is a docking station where you can hang your Dyson cordless vacuum whenever you don’t use it. The docking station has a design that fits with the cordless vacuum part. So, you can put your vacuum on it and leave it just like that. It saves more space and you also can easily take it whenever you want to use the vacuum.

However, you will face a problem here. Mostly, the docking station doesn’t include other areas where you can hang the accessories or parts of your Dyson cordless vacuum. That means you have to provide a place to store those accessories. And, it could be troublesome, if you keep it in a location that is far from the docking station. It wastes your time and energy to get the accessories when you want to use the vacuum.

So, we have made a slight modification to the docking station here. We add the wood plank as the base, where we also can put the extra place to keep your vacuum accessories. This way you will have a wall mount docking station that gives you so many advantages. And, here is how you made it.

How to Make Ultimate Dyson Cordless Vacuum Wall Mount Docking Station

– Prepare the Material

First of all, prepare the material you are going to use. You can get the Dyson docking station from an online store. Choose the docking station that is compatible with your Dyson cordless vacuum model. Then, you also need several wooden planks. You will use these wooden planks as the base to install the docking station. Buy several stud posts to add extra places to hang your vacuum accessories. You also need carpentry tools, because you will do some cutting here.

– Choose the Location

The next thing you need to do is choose the location. It is easy. You need a location that is close to the power outlet. By installing the wall mount docking station near the power outlet, you also can recharge your Dyson cordless vacuum battery.

– Prepare the Base

Now, you already have the location. For the next step, you need a base where you can install your docking station. Choose the thick wood plank, at least 2 inches, for the base. You need this size to ensure that the bolt of your docking station is installed perfectly.

Cut the wooden plank to the size that you need. If you plan to hang many accessories on it, you can choose to cut it in a larger size. Once you cut the wood to the size that you desire, make a hole right in the middle of the area, where you will install your docking station. You need it as the way the wire of the docking station comes out.

Then, you just need to bolt the docking station to the area you have chosen. Make sure that you install it correctly, so it provides a stable place to hang your vacuum. You also can use the adjuster bracket on each end of the wood plank for easy installation or mounting on your wall.

The last thing you need to do is installing the extra hook for hanging and keeping your vacuum accessories. And, it’s done. You have a perfect wall-mounted docking station for your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner.


Making an extra base for the docking station is quite tricky. You need a DIY skill to be able to do it without a problem. However, you also can ask help from professionals to help you make this unique wall-mounted docking station.

The other solution is using the docking station as it is. Then, you also can add the extra hook by installing it on your wall. You can find these items in many online stores. You also can get it from Dyson, if you have difficulty finding the compatible docking station for your vacuum cleaner model. That’s all that you need to know about dyson cordless vacuum wall mount instructions.

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