Guardsman Furniture Polish Ingredients

Guardsman Furniture Polish Ingredients

Have them switch to Guardsman furniture polish. It is a water based product that will never build up or present any of the issues associated. Anytime Clean & Polish for Wood enhances wood’s beauty, leaving a refreshing lemon scent. Use it regularly to clean, shine, and protect wooden

Does Pledge furniture polish contain silicone?
I don’t recommend Pledge because it contains silicone, which can cause problems over time. Many other polishes also contain silicone, though it’s not stated on the label. Since this is a known concern, some products will state clearly that they do not use silicone.

Is furniture polish good for furniture?
Most fine furniture will benefit from regular dry dusting using a lambswool or microfiber duster, which can attract the dust from furniture without pitting or scratching the surface. … Be especially careful about using polish products on furniture that has damage to its surfaces.

What is the best furniture polish for wood?

  • Best Oil: Pledge Restore & Shine. Pledge. …
  • Best Aerosol: Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish. …
  • Best Wax: Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish. …
  • Best Wipe: Weiman Furniture Wipes. …
  • Best Duster: Twinkle Dust and Shine Cloth. …
  • Best Scratch Solution: Weiman Repair Kit.

What can I use to polish furniture?

  • 1 cup olive oil.
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar.
  • 3 to 4 drops lemon essential oil (optional)