Hepa Filter Vacuum for asbestos

Floor Vacuums

Surfaces where mold was growing or asbestos was found should be vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum to remove any residual particles. The HEPA filter ensures that no mold spores or asbestos particles pass through the exhaust and back into the air.
The hardest size of particle for HEPA filters to capture is right around 0.3 microns. Above and below that, it's actually easier to capture particles. Bottom line: If asbestos particles are around 0.7 microns, a proper HEPA should be capturing well over 90%.
Almost all viruses, however, are smaller than 0.03 microns and HEPA filters are not. Portable HEPA vacuums also proved useful for asbestos brake removal at  .
To appreciate what a HEPA filter does, it helps to understand that a micron is 1. of portable HEPA vacuums was their employment in the asbestos abatement .
efficiency particle arrestor (HEPA) filters as these are not adequate for use with asbestos, and will allow asbestos fibres to pass straight through. Vacuum clean .