Hepa Vacuum Lead Abatement

Dustless Technologies HEPA Pack Backpack Vacuum Cleaner for Janitorial and Construction Applications

the occurrence of lead-related diseases, the EPA issued 40 CR. “HEPA vacuum means a vacuum cleaner which. Nilfisk HEPA vacuums for lead abatement.
The extreme dangers of lead, asbestos and toxic mold are well known.. Keep your work sites safe and compliant with high-performance, HEPA-filtered industrial vacuums. specialized power tools to collect hazardous lead dust and debris at the source; Nilfisk HEPA vacuums for lead abatement. GD930 HEPA Vacuum.
How to use a HEPA vacuum .. Lead Abatement for Workers. 5-2. . Lead-based paint abatement is a set of actions that permanently eliminate lead-based.
The Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 states “abatement”. levels down, wet mist and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)-vacuum the old.
One advantage to the full unit certified HEPA wet/dry vacuum is the Wunderbagâ„¢. to complement the HEPA full unit certified vacuum for lead paint removal.
We carry hepa vacuums for lead paint dust abatement such as Pullman Holt and. Euroclean Single-Phase HEPA Vacuum GD 930 / UZ 930 4-gal. Euroclean .
Portable HEPA vacuums also proved useful for asbestos brake removal at auto repair shops. Next came lead paint abatement projects in public housing and .