Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier Manual

Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier Manual

OPERATING THE IONIC PRO® PLATINUM AIR PURIFIER. 5. Getting Ready. Use only as described in this Ionic Pro® Platinum Owner's Manual. To reduce the .
Because these ionic air purifiers are just what the doctor ordered.. and we are proud to announce our newest model, the Ionic Pro Platinum (TA750).. been able to maintain near silent purification while cleaning the air rapidly and effectively.
Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier; Permanent Filter; Owner's Manual. damage resulting from failure to maintain and clean this product as specified in the manual.
Ionic pro air purifier with uv light owner's guide (10 pages). PRODUCT BENEFITS MAIN PARTS Before using your Ionic Pro® Platinum, please read all the .
The Ionic Pro is an air purifier that removes airborne particles from the air. The Ionic Pro works by sending negative ions into the air which bind with the particles , .
Clear the air with the Ionic Pro Platinum.. the unit's three ultra-quiet fans offer four speed settings, so you can set the air purifier to your desired cleaning level.
Keep the air you breathe purified with the premium Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier. This effective air purifier uses only a 1/3 of the energy of regular tower air .


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