Kenmore Elite Vacuum Check Bag Light

Kenmore s Progressive Canister Vacuum Check Bag

If your Performance Indicator Light turns red on your Kenmore vacuum, check if you need to change the dust bag. It’s also a good idea to clean the Dirty Motor.

Attempt cleansing and also eliminating or changing any kind of filters. Examine that there is absolutely nothing that is limiting the suction circulation by ensuring that tubes and also inlet and also an electrical outlet to the dirt collection location (in your situation the bag) are a green light.

Primarily for a vacuum to operate at it’s optimal, air requires to be attracted with the system and also expelled with the least quantity of limitation as feasible. Undoubtedly, exhaust filters are required so just tidy air is expelled and also pipelines require to be clear to get the dust and also these do obstruct in time.

Among the largest perpetrators for obstructing are items like Shake ‘n Vac as really great particulates can go through bags, that is why filters are made use of.

Another way the bag has to be obstructing the port it links to. Eliminate the bag as well as shut it up. Check it once again without a bag in it. The bag is obstructing the port perhaps it is the incorrect kind or mounted incorrectly if you have suction currently.