Kobalt Km 210 Lawn Mower Parts

Kobalt Km 210 Lawn Mower Parts

Do you plan to buy a new lawn mower? You might consider Kobalt products for the best experience and performance. Now, among many products by this brand, we recommend you to get the Kobalt KM210. This is one of the popular products of this brand. It has many advantages and useful features that can help you to tend your lawn.

However, before you go to buy this lawn mower, you have to understand it first. For that reason, we have information about kobalt km 210 lawn mower parts here. We will try to explain each part, so you will know what you get from this lawn mower.

The Main Parts

Kobalt KM210 has the four most important parts that you need to know. They are:

Lawn Mower – This part is where the blade that cuts the grass is installed. It has four wheels that help you to move it around. And, this is also the part where the machine that spins the blade is installed. This part is located in the most bottom part of this product. The initial color for this part is green.

Mulching Plug – you can find this part on the backside of the Lawn Mower part. You can activate it by using the button on the handle.

Side Discharge Chute – This part is the cover that allows you to discharge a certain amount of leaves for the mulch purpose. It is located on the side of the lawnmower body.

Grass Catcher Bag – you can find it on the bag, in the shape of the fabric box. This box will keep the cut grass that flies through the backside of the lawn mower. Kobalt designed this part with a special compartment that allows it to store quite an amount of grass. You also can easily remove it to throw the grass inside away, and clean it.

The Extra Parts

Other than those four, you also can see many other parts in this lawn mower. Here some of them:

Handle – you can easily see it on the backside of the lawn mower. You use it to push the lawn mower around. Kobalt KM210 has several buttons and handles in it that you can use to activate some of the features of this lawn mower. The lever on the upper handle allows you to activate the mulching plug. The button on the side also helps you to turn on this lawn mower. We can say that the handle has a very convenient design for its users.

Cord Retainer – you can find this part in the middle area of the handle. As its name implied, you use it to keep the cord from getting in the way when you use the lawn mower. Its unique design also allows you to release the cord much faster.

Height Adjustment Lever – you can find this part on the bottom part of the lawn mower, near the rear right wheel. Use it to adjust the height of the lawn mower against the ground. It is a very useful part to match the lawn mower with the grass height in your yard. By adjusting the height, you can increase this machine efficiency and performance.

Handle Adjustment Buttons – This part gives you many advantages to create the most comfortable position to use the lawn mower. There are several buttons and levers you can find on this part. For example, you can use the handle knobs to activate the folding mode. It makes the lawn mower easier to store. There are also cam locks to ensure that the handle won’t fold when you push it around to mow your lawn.

Those are some of the important parts of the Kobalt KM210 Lawn Mower that you need to know. By understanding those parts, you also can use this lawn mower optimally. More importantly, you also need to maintain and clean all those parts after you use it. It will keep the part last longer. If your lawn mower has maintained parts, it also works well.

Spare Parts

Some of the parts in KM210 also tend to decrease their effectiveness after the usage for a long time. Therefore, you need to have spare parts to replace them, especially the blade. The blade is made of high-quality material. But, it also can lose its sharpness, which means you need to replace it. Luckily for you, many online stores sell these spare parts. You won’t have any problem finding them for your lawnmower.


If you want to know more about kobalt km 210 lawn mower parts, you can always refer to the official manual that Kobalt released. You can find them on the Kobalt official website. Now, you are ready to get the lawn mower that you want. We hope this article helps you to use this lawn mower without having any problem. And, you can use it to make your yard beautiful.

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