Kreepy Krauly – Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner

Kreepy Krauly – Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner

Count on The Legendary Effectiveness Of The Kreepy Krauly

Go head-to-head with swimming pool dust as well as particles when you utilize the Kreepy Krauly, one of the most reliable automated swimming pool cleaners offered. Simpleness and also power come with each other in the Kreepy Krauly developing famous suction capacities that are very easy to handle and also make use of in the swimming pool. The Kreepy Krauly has actually been lately upgraded to take full advantage of cleansing protection, regulating a cleaner swimming pool from the water line directly down to the swimming pool base. It connects to your swimming pool’s existing filtering system so no booster pump is required, as well as it additionally decreases your work considering that there aren’t any kind of bags to vacant. Allow the Kreepy Krauly do its point cleansing your ceramic tile line, your swimming pool wall surfaces, as well as flooring while an arbitrary pattern removes missed out on areas that can be left behind by pre-programmed cleaners.

Info About Specification:

  • In-ground suction side cleaner.
  • The flapper is the only relocating component.
  • Cleans flooring and also wall surfaces with a 45-degree angle.
  • Comes full w/40 feet of clear pipe.
  • Polyurethane pleated seal.
  • Functions with all swimming pool surface areas: concrete, plastic, fiberglass, and also ceramic tile.

Summary Description:

  • The Kreepy Krauly is a thorough automatic cleansing option
  • Tackles every location of your swimming pool consisting of the ceramic tile line, wall surfaces, as well as flooring
  • Connects to your swimming pool’s existing purification system
  • Turbo-action swivel style improves its capacity to maneuver as well as additionally produces a larger consumption
  • Gobbles bigger particles than various other comparable cleaners
  • No bags to clear
  • Consists of a 40 ft tube
  • No electric cables needed
  • Preserves a risk-free atmosphere for swimmers
  • Resilient, sturdy building and construction for dependability as well as durability

Info About Troubleshooting:

Some extra modifications might be called for to obtain the ideal efficiency from your Kreepy Krauly since of the specific qualities of your swimming pool.
Examine these usual reasons for cleaner issues if there appears to be a trouble. You can speak to Pentair’s toll-free Customer Helpline at 1-800-443-5711 if you still require aid.

If Kreepy Krauly is stagnating or otherwise vibrating:
Examine to make certain that the primary drainpipe and also all suction lines are shut, with the exception of the suction line to which Kreepy Krauly is affixed.
Look for particles in the filter or pump basket.
Look for particles in Kreepy Krauly’s flapper. Particles might protect against flapper motion or limit circulation.
Swimming pool pump, as well as a filter system, might be also little (unable of supplying 25 gallons per min water circulation).

If Kreepy Krauly remains at one end of the swimming pool:
Examine the return line water circulation and also reroute as required with an eyeball diverter.
Inspect that tube is long sufficient to reach throughout of the swimming pool.
Inspect that Kreepy Krauly has appropriate hose pipe equilibrium.

If Kreepy Krauly quits or slows down as well as air bubbles get in the swimming pool at the return line:
Correct the air and also discover leakage that is triggering the pump to shed its prime:
Examine the hose pipe to make sure there are no leakages.
Inspect the vacuum cleaner link. It ought to be immersed so no air goes into the system.
Examine the pump basket cover for looseness, splits, and also absent or used O-rings.

If Kreepy Krauly remains on the primary drainpipe:
Inspect to guarantee that the major drainpipe is shut. A swimming pool specialist might require to aid you.
Examine to make certain that the major drainpipe grate is mounted.
Consult your swimming pool specialist if the primary drainpipe is not flush with the swimming pool flooring.

  • Is the lower primary drainpipe close? Close drainpipe
  • Is filter tidy? Tidy filter
  • Is pump filter basket tidy? Tidy basket
  • Are particles obstructing the all-time low of Kreepy Krauly? Eliminate particles
  • Is there any kind of leakages in the hose pipe? Change the leaking area
  • Is automated regulatory authority shutoff without particles? Tidy shutoff