Lennox Air Purifier Filters

Lennox Air Purifier Filters

Air filters are essential components of your heating and cooling system. They help improve the quality of your home's air and keep your system performing at .
The PureAirâ„¢ air purification system is the only single indoor air quality system to combat all three classes of contaminants. Allergy-aggravating particles such as dust, pollen and pet dander. Mold and germs that grow and reproduce in damp places, such as basements and crawlspaces.
The Lennox PureAir air cleaner seems to be lacking clear definition of its features. No information can be found concerning filter efficiency, other than the filter .
Lennox X8796 Maintenance Kit for PCO16-28 PureAir Air Cleaner. This maintenance kit includes: (1) MERV 16 pleated filter model X8789 (1) PCO metal insert .
The Lennox Y6601 PCO3-14-16 Healthy Climate PureAir Air Purification System features a Precision Pleat MERV 16 filter that traps particles down to an amazing 0.01 micron.
Lennox has a great selection of air cleaners to trap different types of irritants and pathogens. From heavy duty filters that will protect your furnace and air .


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