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Mix together one cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, three tablespoons of baking soda and just a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Stir until the baking soda dissolves. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and then spray the entire stained area of themattress, letting the solution soak into the mark.

How can I get a pee stain out of a mattress?

  1. Dampen the affected area, but do not saturate it. Wetness spreads the urine. …
  2. Sprinkle heavily with borax. Borax will neutralize the urine odor. …
  3. Rub borax into the mattress. Work borax into the stain well. …
  4. Allow to dry completely. …
  5. Vacuum up the powder. …
  6. Return the mattress to the bed.

What causes yellow stains on the mattress?

Sweat, body oils or urine are the likely causes of a yellow stainMattress stainsmust be removed carefully so you don’t spread the spot further or saturate the inside of the mattress, which can lead to mold. Clean mattress stains promptly so they don’t soak in.

How do you get old stains out of a mattress?

  1. For simple or unidentified stains, clean your mattress with a citrus cleanser or diluted dish detergent. …
  2. For blood or urine stains, first try applying a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the affected area. …
  3. For particularly stubborn stains, try applying baking soda after detergent.

How can I whiten my mattress?

Treat stains with a combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda. Mix them into a spray bottle and treat the stained area. Blot and/or rub with a clean rag. Use non-toxic, natural enzyme cleaners, like Simple Solution, that chemically break down stains and odors.

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