Menards Carpet Cleaning Crawfordsville In

menards carpet cleaning crawfordsville in

Menard Flood Pro uses the best systems, processes, and solutions for grout and tile cleaning. Here’s a video of our work today at a local company. We can do this in your home or your business. MENARD FLOOD PRO we are still getting call for broken pipes thawing out from the deep freezing cold weather and flooding homes.

Our MOLD and WATER MITIGATION service more than doubled. A BIG shout out to my son Mark and my wife Joanie for managing all the the Water and Mold Mitigation projects.

These Are the types of mold projects MENARD flow pro takes care of. If you find it do you have a strong MUSTY odor of MOLD in your house, or you see active mold growth you need to call us right away at 765-362-6099. Our first goal Is to make sure your family is safe.

Our free inspection will give you all the information you’ll need to make a good informed decision about what to do. Secondly we would be to identify what caused the mold and get that problem fixed. Might be a leaking gutter through the crawlspace could be a broken pipe or just high levels of humidity in the basement.

Some mold mitigation you can take care of yourself and will be happy to advise you on that, but when the active mold growth gets to this point you need to have proper mediation by Menards Flood Pro. We specialize in mold containment and removal. So call us up 765-362-6199 for a free inspection today.

So if you need water mitigation that will prevent mold call us at 765-362-6099 for a free inspection. We have the WATER AND MOLD MITIGATION certification , ten’s of thousands of dollars invested equipment and years of experience drying structures. We are the ones to call 24/7.