Microfiber Furniture Cleaner

Microfiber Furniture Cleaner

If it doesn't stain, put your cleaner into a spray bottle, mist an area of your furniture, and scrub it with a sponge. After you're done, use a blow dryer on its lowest setting to dry any wet spots. To get your furniture looking its best, fluff the microfiber by rubbing the fabric in a circular motion with a dry brush.
Spray it on lightly, then blot with a clean white cloth or scrubby sponge. (Test it in an inconspicuous spot first.) Continue as stain lifts. Let dry completely—this should happen fairly fast, since alcohol evaporates quickly—then brush fabric with a natural or white stiff-bristled brush.
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Microfiber couches look like suede, but the fabric is actually made of polyester and nylon fibers 100 times thinner than a human hair. Cleaning this space-age .
Many microfiber-chair types of microfiber fabrics cannot get wet or a watermark will remain. Obviously, this poses a particular challenge for cleaning.
If you have a microfiber or suede couch, then you probably already know that they can be difficult to clean. At the same time, suede and microfiber look fantastic .
Check the sofa tag for care instructions. Microfiber furniture is typically labeled with one of four codes to indicate what can be used to clean it: W is for a .


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