Nylac total Carpet Cleaner

Nylac Carpet Cleaner Half Gallon Sprayer

Clean and refresh carpeting without the use of a cumbersome carpet cleaning machine with this half-gallon sprayer bottle of Nylac Carpet Cleaner. This total .
Total Carpet Cleaner. Nylac removes severe soil easily without a cumbersome machine. Massive amounts of shampoo or powder, left unrinsed in carpet,
Description. Genuine Nylac Carpet Cleaner in a Convenient Spray Bottle… Quick and Easy. Just Spray and Wipe. Very Effective. Easily Removes Severe Soil .
Nylac Carpet Cleaner, Quart Sprayer with the convenient spray nozzle is light. reviews from our past customers sharing their overall shopping experience. 4.7.
This total carpet cleaner is designed to thoroughly slough away stains left by food, drink, grease, pets and more while leaving your carpets dry and ready to use .
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