Oven Pride Cleaner Contents

Oven Pride Cleaner Contents

Contains amongst other ingredients: 5-<12% Sodium Hydroxide, Less than 5% Anionic Surfactants, Amphoteric Surfactants.

Can you use oven Pride on a self cleaning oven?

A self-cleaning oven is an oven which uses high temperatures to burn off leftovers from baking, without the use of any chemical agents. Oven Pride is suitable for use on surfaces in a self cleaning oven, with the exception of the sides.

How do you remove oven cleaner residue?

  • Wipe off as much of the oven cleaner residue as possible with a clean, wet cloth.
  • Mix up about 3 quarts warm water with 2 cups vinegar.
  • Put your cleaning cloth into the solution and wring out just until the cloth is not dripping.
  • Apply the water and vinegar mixture to all surfaces of the oven. A once-over should do it.

Oven Cleaning … Place the racks in the bag and add 1/2 – 3/4 of the solution into the bag. Seal the bag and fold … Pour the remaining solution in the oven.

Preparation trade name: OVEN PRIDE OVEN CLEANER. Unique reference number(s): … Composition/Information on Ingredients. %w/w EINECS No. CAS No.

Oven Brite – 500ML – Bottle Bag & Gloves Included – Complete Oven Cleaner …. the oven – transforms racks & grills Fume free composition Kit contains: bag, …

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MSDS Code: SAP Code: 56010959. 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION. Commercial Name. Ovenpride Oven Cleaner.

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