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Muck Vac

The MUCK VAC is another innovative product designed to aid the back yard pond keeper as well as fountain and water feature owners. The product vacuums .
Also known as the "Muck Buster", this quality vacuum eliminates algae, sludge, dead plants and leaves and small pebbles up to 3/8" in diameter from ponds.
The CleanSweep Muck & Debris Pond and Pool Vacuum is the fast, effective and convenient way to remove muck, debris and decaying organic matter from .
With this pond vacuum, you don't need to empty your pond to clean it. Connect the Muck Vac to your garden hose to vacuum up muck, algae and fish waste.
Reduce timely pond maintenance and order this pond sludge vacuum that we have for sale at The Pond Guy. This vacuum comes with four different attachments.