Portable Smoke Eater

Portable Smoke Eater

Whether you’re resolving air top quality in a lab, light making the setting or a cigar bar, you need a solution that supplies extremely efficient air cleansing. Instead of an expensive exhaust system, we provide a variety of inexpensive, marginal upkeep tidy air service. Are you a smoker and need a portable smoke eater? Then Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier is the right product for you to choose

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

This Blue Pure 411 can get rid of 99% of bits, captures Allergens, Smoke, carbon filter, Odors, Dust, Pets, Mold, Germs, and also Smokers. The item More clean air, pulling in air from each and also every side of heaven Pure 411, the enhanced refining ensures that no contaminants leave a cleaning force of 161 square meters and also 120 cubic feet ft/minute CDR.

Less Noise, do not compromise efficiency for sound. Using customized polypropylene filter media, heaven Pure 411 procedures more air while going for decreases fan rates, leading to more tidy air and means much less sound as well as Less Energy, utilizing simply 1.5 watts the Blue Pure 411 uses less energy.

With one-button control, you can conveniently select from 3 different follower rates every one of which assistance to remove allergic reaction causing pollutants and also odors.

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Portable Smoke Eater

What people say about this product

Per customer records, this is one of the leading ranked of all air cleansers. In the spaces with the various other tower versions, they still scent smoky. I actually wish Amazon repairs this quickly, California is in alarming demand of these, and also I’ve advised them to all my pals and also family members.


We have this in our bedroom, and also within 4 hrs there was a VERY visible distinction in air top quality, overall 180 by the following day. As you stroll from the living space right into the bedroom, the smells go away, it scents tidy – nearly sterilized, and also it really feels like you’re taking a breath PURE O2 out of an oxygen container. We no much longer wake up with stale noses, we rest much better, as well as we do not stress concerning the infant (that rests in our room) breathing interior toxins.


The Blueair device is a much quieter device on its most affordable setup. I observe a whole lot much less dirt in the living area with the Blueair device. The only alternative that the Honeywell has that I would certainly such as to see incorporated right into the Blueair is a timer.


I’ve had it on for a month strong due to the fact that I’m living in a brand-new home with some interior air concerns, light and also great deals of dirt. We connected within as well as within a couple of hrs you might discover the air was cleaner. Within a week the pre-filter was so layered with dirt as well as crap I was in shock!

If you’re seeking an air filter like I was, if you desire something that functions, is simple, looks fantastic, do not throw away any more time to investigate. Obtain this and also begin taking a breath right, as soon as possible.

Where to Buy

The Portable Smoke Eater Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier Available at Amazon with price $99.99 

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