Robot Vacuum Smears Dog Poop

Why you shouldn t agree to dogsit when you have a robot vacuum

The smell was so horrifying, the man jumped out of the bed, only to discover that their Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner had ran over their dog's poop, and now .
Oh my god.
i love how the dog starts eating it's shit right after it goes. Read more. Show less. Why did the dog poop at 8.
And they had to sweep the floor and vacuum their own rugs.. Nowdays people just let theior dog poop on.
Spent an hour cleaning out the roomba. Many regrets about buying a robot to clean my floors while I cleaned dog shit out of my floor cleaning .
Never tried it, but If I had to guess, I would say it would run it over and spread it, unless it is a big firm one, in which case it would go around it like other things that .