Royal Backpack Vacuum

You are looking for a Royal Backpack Vacuum MRY4000 to buy. A lot of knapsack hoover are developed for business usage and also in business globe time is loan. If a firm picks a knapsack vacuum cleaner over a cylinder or an upright vacuum cleaner, it’s since it not just does an excellent work of cleansing, it obtains the job done quick.

Royal Backpack Vacuum

  • Lightweight (only 9.3 lbs.) and small size make it easy to carry.
  • Chiropractor-designed harness and waist support make it comfortable to wear.
  • Patented Hypercone technology provides these benefits:
    * maximum suction at all times, so you never have to retrace your steps
    * consistently high air flow resulting in longer motor life, less wear on electrical components, and reduced service requirements
  • 2-stage RoyalAire filtered dirt container.
  • W.O.W. Productivity System provides the complete resources needed to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Large 6-liter dirt container means it doesn’t need to be emptied as frequently.
  • Clear dome lid allows user to easily check the dust level.

Available are paper bag conversion kit MRY4200 and turbo nozzle with revolving brush 2-KE8100-000.


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