Shark Steam Mop Purple Pad Uses

Amazon Shark Steam Duster Microfiber Cleaning Pads Set of 2 XT3501SD Household Vacuum Pads

Shark Steam Duster Microfiber Cleaning Pads, Set of 2, XT3501SD ….. cloth mop heads for theShark Steam Pocket Mop and prefer these for use on our laminate floors. … We use the purple padsfor our hardwood floors and they work great. The steam pocket mop pads are designed and fit for Shark Steam pocket mops S3500 3501 S3550 series, S3601 and S3901. These washable, reusable and durable steam mop pads will be a good choice for your daily use to attract and trap dirt,oil stain and grime.  appliance to clean stairs. 22. Never use steam mop without micro-fiber cleaning pad attached. 23. Keep your work area well lit.  Shark Microfiber Steam Mop Cleaner, Purple + Mop Pad (Certified Refurbished) … The mop pad usestriple layer technology to lift and lock in dirt for an even .