Shark Vacuum Cleaner Green Light

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Green Light

If all is well and the brush roll is working properly, the indicator light will be green while the red light on the shark vacuum means the roll is jammed or indicates the shark vacuum overheating.

In case, the brush roll is working correctly, the indicator light is green. In other words, when the light is illuminated green, the brush roll is functioning properly. Meanwhile, it is red when the roll is jammed or the shark vacuum is overheating. Sometimes, the shark vacuum lights blink.

Why has my Shark Vacuum lost suction?

Suction loss in Shark vacuums is usually caused by small particles on the metal grate inside the dirt canister or “dust cup” but ofte the problem is with blockage in one of the hoses or blockage in the floor nozzle / brush roll.

How do I reset my shark vacuum?

  • Move the Power Button to the “O-Off” position.
  • Unplug the vacuum.
  • Check for a clogged hose or filter; unclog the hose and replace the filter.
  • Wait 45 minutes for the vacuum to cool; then plug the vacuum.
  • Turn the power switch to the “I-On” position to start the vacuum.


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