Stabilizing Wood Vacuum Chamber


Woodturners unite: wood stabilization is made easy with Cactus Juice and our Glass Vac Chambers. No, we're not talking about the popular cactus juice .
The process entails a drying process to get rid of all the moisture in the wood, putting the now bone-dry wood into a vacuum chamber to remove all the air, then .
3 Gallon Slickwoodvac Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Used for Stabilizing Wood, Degassing Resins, Silicone and Epoxies.: Industrial & Scientific.
I am making a vacuum chamber for stabilizing wood. The container is a stainless steel pot. I was wondering if you could tell me what material I should use for the .
Using Cactus Juice for stabilizing wood.. Prepare blanks; Place blanks in vacuum chamber and weight down; Add Cactus Juice to completely cover blanks .