Stark’s Vacuum Museum Portland

Stark's Vacuum Museum Portland

Curious about the history of vacuum cleaners? Come see it for yourself! Stark's Vacuum Museum can be found on NE Grand Avenue, in our Portland OR .
It was hard to tell from reviews, but this place is definitely a store. They have a single wall near the entrance that's a really well done timeline of vacuums over the .
Stark's Vacuum Museum, also known as Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Museum, is a vacuum cleaner museum in Portland, Oregon. It showcases more than 100 .
4 reviews of Stark's Vacuum Museum "I have a fondness for the odd, the weird, the quirky, things off the beaten path. I know, you may be thinking "A Vacuum .
Vacuum cleaner technology has changed little in 80 years, as this collection of sucking workhorses proves.
Tucked away in a not-so-dusty corner of Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service in downtown Portland is a collection that would make any prop master, house .
Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service does more than sell Dirt Devils and Hoovers.. Stark's Vacuum Museum. Portland, Portland. Portland, Oregon 97232.
Proudly filling a small wing of Stark's downtown showroom, the Stark's Vacuum Museum may be the only one of its kind in the world! Come check out a variety of .