Troy Bilt Lawn Vacuum

Troy Bilt 2 Bushel Lawn Vacuum

With a vacuum nozzle for flat surfaces, an on-board hose for shrubs and flower beds, plus mulching capability, these chipper shredder vacuums are essential for tough fall chores.TroyBilt® chipper shredder vacs may not look like traditional chipper shredders, but they accomplish.

Bring home the power and performance of TroyBilt wood chippers to make yard cleanup easier.Sweep up leaves and debris quickly with the CSV 060 Chipper Shredder’s 24″ vacuum, then use the on-board vacuum hose for tight spots and under shrubs. The wood chipper / shredder / vac

CSV060 Lawn Vacuum and Chipper Shredder.TroyBilt’s full line of chipper shredders and chipper shredder vacuums are designed to meet a wide range of lawn types. These units chip branches into mulch, and shred leaves and debris into nutrient-rich compost.

TroyBilt 5.5 HP Chipper Shredder Vacuum 24B060F-766; ›; Customer Reviews …. Before I purchased this Troy-Built machine I researched Lawn Vacuums up

TroyBilt Chipper Shredder Lawn Vacuum with 4speed transmission. Complete with hose for easy cleaning around landscaping and flower beds.