Ultrasonic Cleaner with Sweep Function

Amazon X Tronic 2 Liter 3 Liter & 6 Liter"Platinum Edition" Stainless mercial Ultrasonic Cleaners Time Temp LED Displays Sweep Degas S S Basket

Ultrasonic sweep cleaning “sweeps” multiple ultrasonic frequencies through a single ultrasonic tank. This sweeping controls the creation of standing waves, .
The degassing function is simply more practical and time-saving! The sweep function (S) can be activated and allows via frequency modulation for an ideal sound field distribution in the cleaning fluid. This device is equipped with a brand new ultrasonic generator with special ultrasonic transducer.
Buy low price, high quality ultrasonic cleaner sweep with worldwide shipping on. 40KHZ Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath Sweep frequency degass Function Circuit .
Ulsonix – Ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 2.0DS – Degas Sweep Series – 2 l capacity – 80 W Ultrasound – 37 kHz Sonic frequency – Degas functionSweep function: .
The function of the transducer used in ultrasonic cleaning is to convert the electrical. 5) It is advisable to have a control to adjust the sweep repetition rate.

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