Vacuum Bell Pectus Excavatum Uk

Vacuum Bell Pectus Excavatum Uk

ive never had the funds to purchase a costa or klobe vacuum bell and ive managed to live with it over the past few years, however im now 25 and decided to diy .
. physiotherapy, posture improvement, implants and vacuum bell therapy.. In pectus excavatum (sunken sternum), one or more struts (metal bars) may then be .
Pectus Excavatum, also known as "Funnel" or "Sunken" chest is a deformity of the anterior chest wall where the breast bone is pushed inward.
Amongst doctors treating pectus excavatum the vacuum bell is increasingly being used as a way of lifting the breastbone temporarily during the NUSS .
Vacuum Bell for Pectus Excavatum with transparent front side and made from fully flexible material. Vacuum Bell size is approximately 19 cm (7.5 inch).
Helping you understand and live with pectus excavatum.


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