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Lab-grade vacuum ovens built with the extracts professional in mind. Equipped with everything needed to purge small-large batches of BHO, wax, & shatter.. UL/CSA Certification. Temperature control and uniformity. Consistent, stable .
I don't want to ruin my shatter I'm trying to make! Any info would be greatly. . What temp does it boil in a vacuum oven? Isn't this more important .
2) Once the oil/slab is up to temp & viscous enough to start the vacuum process, vac. down to -20 hg. 95F preheated oven is my understanding for shatter.
5. Shatter Vac 1.5 Gallon Vacuum Chamber and 3 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump Kit. HeatVacXL w/ 5cfm Pump – Heated Vacuum Chamber – Best Digital Temp. This units smaller size allows it to fit in any oven, which some may find very .
The purging typically happens in an Across International vacuum oven. This is. Butter is the same as shatter only purged at a higher temperature at 100-125 .
Butane Hash Oil extraction can render Badder, Crumble, Sauce, and Shatter, depending on. . When ready, the extract is poured into a pan and placed into a vacuum oven to purge. Extractors must always pay extra attention to temperature.