Vacuum Seal Mason Jars Weed

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Mason and preserving jars: Be sure they are the real deal, with durable … Vacuum sealbags 2: These are the clothes-storing type

I’ve Alaways had a good mason jar just wrap the bud up nice and tight in a Baggie and put er in themason jar in a … A jar isn’t necessary if you’re vacuum sealing … Amazing how resilient cannabis can be if properly stored.

jars isnt a bad idea for long term storage, but … The best way to store cannabis is vacuum sealed, packed in nitrogen, and refrigerated.

“Quality control for medicinal cannabis at California collectives is poor or … I agree that avacuum sealed mason jar is the best storage method.

where can u get air-tight mason jars from? i looked in a couple of … vacuum seal is excellent way keep weed a long time fresh as when you