Vacuum Sealer Marinade Container

Vacuum Sealer Marinade Container Marinate in minutes with the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator.
By using the FoodSaver® Food Preservation System, you cut the marinating process. The Quick Marinator is a 2.25-quart glass container that can be vacuum .
MARINATE IN MINUTES, NOT HOURS: The vacuum sealing process opens the pores of. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer FCARWJAH-000 Wide-Mouth Jar Kit with Regular. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealed Fresh Container Set, 4-Piece Set, Clear.
Using FoodSaver marinator + vacuum sealer speed up the marinating process?. . It is safest to marinate in a glass container as acid does not react to the glass.
I have the marinade option but only have a container large.. know if/how I can use a vacuum sealer for large cuts of meats to marinade them?
Anyway, companies sell vacuum marinators on-line, so it must be effective.. Nearly too small to measure, and way too small to suck in marinade.. smoothies and guacamole are often HPP'd right in their serving container, leaving them safe .
I would like to use a vacuum sealer for marinading beef jerky and wanted. with is pressurizing a container with your meat and marinade/brine.