Why Use A Vacuum Breaker Hose Bib

Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker

A hose connection vacuum breaker should be installed on each faucet or hose bibb that is connected to the potable water supply to prevent backflow into the water supply.. This prevents them from being removed when the garden hose is removed.
The dishwasher is being used a lot and as a result there is a negative. A hose bibb vacuum breaker is a threaded device that screws onto the spigot mouth.
Hose bibb vacuum breakers consists of a spring-loaded check valve that seals against an atmospheric outlet when the water supply is turned on. When the supply is turned off, the device vents to atmosphere, thus protecting against backsiphonage conditions.
A vacuum breaker is an attachment commonly placed on a bibcock valve or toilet or urinal flush valve, that prevents water from being siphoned backward into the public drinking water system. This prevents contamination should the public drinking water system's pressure drop.
Homeowners commonly use garden hoses. Backflow. Hose bibbs or faucets that are connected to a municipal. A hose connection vacuum breaker should be.