Winix Air Purifier C535 Red Light

Winix Air Purifier C535 Red Light

Winix C535 has everything that you need from an air purifier. It cleans the air in your house/room. It also removes unpleasant odors. More importantly, it is easy to use. Furthermore, this air purifier also has auto fan speed for a different type of purifying process.

The HEPA filter inside also ensures that it removes all dangerous particles from your room. Moreover, it has an allergen remover, carbon filter, and you can operate it using a simple remote control.

However, people that own and use this product have some trouble regarding its light indicator. In this case, they don’t know what the winix air purifier c535 red light means? So, here we are going to explain it to you.

We hope, after you read our article, you know what you have to do when you see the red light indicator.

Where Can You See the Red Light on Winix C535?

There are two areas where you can find this red light indicator. The first area is the bottom part of the control panel. It is close to the silver-colored area where you can see the Winix logo.

The light indicator comes in the long elliptical shape under the three buttons on the control panel, which is the “Mode”, “Plasmawave” and “Fan Speed” buttons. That is the main light indicator of this air purifier device.

The other source of the red light comes from the right area of the control panel. In the right area, you can see two features, which are Smart Sensor and Light Sensor that come in the white round shape. On the left of those two sensors, you can see the “Reset” button and the light indicator for filter condition.

This light indicator is the source of the red light that you can see on Winix C535. What does that red light mean?

The Red Light on the Light Indicator

Depending on which part of the red light came from, it has a different meaning. If you found a red light on the light indicator in the middle of the control panel, that shows the air condition.

Winix C535 has the Smart Sensor that will detect the air status in the room where you put and use this device.

The red light that came from this light indicator means that the air inside that room is in bad condition. It is unhealthy and not suitable for you to breathe in. So, when you find out that this light indicator changes into red color, you need to turn on this air purifier.

To make it work well, you also need to increase the fan’s speed to make the purifying process faster and reach all sides of the room.

Best of all, Winix 535 also has an autonomous system. So, when the air sensor detects that the air was not healthy, it is not only turning on the red light on the light indicator. But, it also automatically turns on the fan and increases its speed. This feature will help you to get fresh and healthy air anytime you want.

Moreover, once it detects that the air has been purified into a normal or healthy condition, it will automatically turn off or lower the fan’s speed.

Thanks to this feature, you can lower its energy consumption. It means you also save your money for paying the electrical bills for this air purifier. Once it normalizes the air condition, the light indicator will turn into blue color.

The Red Light on the Filter Indicator

The other part where you also can find the red light is the filter indicator area. For its location, we have already explained above. So, if you see this light indicator turned on, there is only one thing you need to do. You need to change the filter.

The red light in the filter area displays Winix C535 filter in the condition that it can’t work efficiently. It needs to be replaced, so this device can purify the air. So, you have to do that. Make sure to follow the instructions when you open the cover, remove the old filter, and replace it with the new one.

Do not forget to press the “Reset” button next to the filter light indicator. Mostly, people experience some problems with it. Even though they have replaced the filter, the red light on the filter light indicator doesn’t turn off. It is because they didn’t press the “Reset” button, so the setting didn’t change to its normal state.


Now, you know what you have to do about the winix air purifier c535 red light. Don’t panic when you find the red light indicator comes from this air purifier. Just use our guide above to deal with the condition represented by this light indicator to make this device work again.

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