Winix Air Purifier Filter Reset

Winix Air Purifier Filter Reset

How to do reset the replace filter light? Winix idylis air purifier reset filter light related problems. Ask your Winix idylis air purifier reset filter light questions. Get free help, advice & support from top Winix.

After you have replaced the V5 Cell Filter in the IQ Air, here are the steps you’ll need to follow in order to reset the filter indicators:

At the main menu on the control panel, push the menu button 7 times until you get to the screen that says Replace Filter.

At the Replace Filter screen, press and hold the Enter Key until the cursor appears, and is flashing.

Press the UP arrow button on the keypad until you get to the V5 Cell Filter.

At the V5 Cell Filter screen press the Enter Key to confirm your filter reset selection. This will turn the corresponding filter LED to a flashing red light. IQAir requires that your reconfirm the filter selection to prevent inadvertently resetting the wrong filter. If you chose the wrong filter, press the menu key after pressing the enter the first time to disregard the filter change command.

To confirm the filter reset selection, press enter a second time, which will reset the filter life, and reset the filter hours.
You can repeat these instructions for the other two filters on your machine when it’s time. Here’s a link to the product manual for your IQ Air Health Pro Plus which will give you the same instructions, as well as other maintenance instructions.

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