Winix air purifier red light meaning

Winix air purifier red light meaning

WINIX Air Purifier Review

For your better life at home, you might want to invest in an air purifier for helping you to keep the air clean inside the house. Nowadays, you can find so many brands of air purifiers with various models to choose from. One of them is the WINIX air purifier. If you are the user of the air purifier from this brand, you might also have a question about the Winix air purifier red light meaning. Before finding the answer, why do not we try to know more about the air purifier of WINIX?


Yes, the WINIX air purifier has several models to choose to help you get the most suitable support for maintaining the air clean in your house or office. The models available are including the 5000 series, the P series, the B series, the HR series, the 9000 series, and the U series. The difference between those models includes filter systems, features, and design. Of course, you cannot choose a model of air purifier by WINIX without making a thorough research about the model and your air purifier preference based on your needs.

Filtering Systems

You can find two filtering systems used for the WINIX air purifier. The first filter system has three filtering stages. This type of filtering system can be found in the P series and the 5000 series. This system comes with WINIX PlasmaWave technology, effective washable True HEPA, and odor-absorbing carbon. The second system is the five stages version that can be found in the 9000, U, and HR series. Besides the three filters that can be found in the first filter system, this system is also completed with CleanCel technology and a washable pre-filter.

Filter Types

So what is the difference between those filter types? Well, each has an important role in helping you get the clean air that can promote your better health. The washable pre-filter for instance can be considered the very first step of the filtering process. It has the function to trap particles with larger size from dust to pet hair. With this filter in your air purifier unit, the life of the following stage filters can be extended. The carbon filter will negate the odors and chemicals so the air can be cleaner and does not smell. The True HEPA filter is useful for removing the particles with 0.3 microns size or higher including the particles that can cause asthma and allergy while the CleanCel technology finish will cover the true HEPA filters for preventing the growth of bacteria and mold. Last but not least, there is WINIX PlasmaWave technology for attacking the remaining molecules of chemicals, gasses, viruses, and odors.

Air Quality Sensor

Of course, you cannot ignore the importance of the air quality sensor of the air purifier units by WINIX. This might be the reason why you have a question about the Winix air purifier red light meaning after all. The good thing is that you will find a VOC sensor in every WINIX air purifier unit. It has the function of detecting the pollutants in the air so the fan setting can be adjusted for killing them. The work of the sensor cannot be separated from the air quality indicator. The indicator will display the current air quality level in the room while the air sensor is working.

Filter Replacement

The filters must be one of the most important elements of the air purifier. You need to know how long the filers can last because it will represent the product quality and affect the air quality on the run. You will be supported by the Change Filter monitoring system that can be found in every model of the WINIX air purifier. The unit will tell you that you need to replace the filter by turning on the indicator light on the Control Panel. The great thing is that the life of the filers will not be based on time. The parameters will include the location, air quality, and using age.

Easy to Use

It might be a little bit frustrating when you have to use an air purifier unit that is too complicated to monitor and maintain. You do not have to worry about this matter when you use the air purifier from WINIX because each unit comes with a modern operating panel and digital display. You will not get confused when using WINIX because you can understand the way to control the air purifier. All you have to do is just setting the air purifier unit into auto mode. The sensor of the unit will test the air quality in the room. Another sensor is also used for detecting light. The fan speed can be adjusted to your choice. You can simply depend on the Winix air purifier red light meaning for telling you that the air quality is bad along with the green light for good air quality and yellow light for warning.

Winix air purifier red light meaning

When the Check Filter indicator LED is on, it is time to replace the True HEPA Filter. • Intervals between filter replacement may vary depending on environment.

If the light is blue, that means the air is clean. If the light is yellow, the air is decent. And lastly, if it’s red the air is poor quality.

Why is my air purifier red?

Air purifiers with a quality light – After approximately 5 minutes, the air quality indicator lights up green if the air quality is good or lights up red if the air quality is poor. … For these purifiers, this function automatically adjusts speed settings according to the current air quality.

How do I reset my winix filter light?

Press and hold the filter reset button for 3-5 seconds. A short beep will be heard and the light should turn off. e. Place the front panel back on the unit and the air cleaner is ready to use The REPLACEMENT FILTER INDICATOR will signal when to replace/clean the HEPA Filter.

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