Winix c535 Red Light

How do I reset winix?
Press and hold the filter reset button for 3-5 seconds. A short beep will be heard and the light should turn off. e. Place the front panel back on the unit and the air cleaner is ready to use The REPLACEMENT FILTER INDICATOR will illuminate when to replace the True HEPA Filter.

Does winix PlasmaWave produce ozone?
The PlasmaWave does have the potential to emit ozone, but the feature can be switched off. Also, Winix do specify that their PlasmaWave technology has been tested and approved by CARB (California Air Resources Board) as being safe.

How do you clean a winix HEPA filter?
Wash the HEPA filter with water only on both sides as shown in image and leave it to dry for 24 hours or replace the HEPA filter. Clean outside of unit as necessary by wiping with a dry, soft cloth; for stub- born stains, use a warm, damp cloth. To reset the filter once a new HEPA filter is installed

Does winix air purifier work?
The Winix PlasmaWave is an ion air purifier that removes dust, pollen and other particles well in medium-sized rooms. … The Winix PlasmaWave starts its purification process by pulling air through a carbon pre-filter. The pre-filter removes large particles, such as hair, and reduces odors.

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